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Chronic diseases affect over 60% of the adult population, consuming 80% of the healthcare systems expenditures. Chronic diseases are usually developed over several years unless the Risk Factors are well managed (Primary Prevention).
In addition, there are clear guidelines for screening tests to enable early detection of chronic diseases and allow better management to reach the best outcome that can be achieved (Secondary Prevention). Same (follow up tests) are also available for patients with already diagnosed chronic diseases to help reduce complications and have a better life quality (Tertiary Prevention).
Wikaya provides personalized recommendations for lifestyle changes and screening tests to help keep the risk for chronic diseases as low as possible.

We also provide our users with customized content (Primordial Prevention) to help you understand more what you need to do and why The main issue remains the compliance of the population to these prevention measures.
Wikaya is artificial intelligence platform that helps you improve your preventative efforts. We do that by providing a Prevention Score to give you a clear indication of your prevention efforts.

The Prevention Score is calculated based on the efforts you make to reduce the modifiable risk factors as well as the compliance with screening and follow up tests. WIKAYA algorithms analyze your behavior to identify high compliance patterns, building a predictive model (AI) to deliver a highly customized and personalized recommendations